Your Hospital Stay

Your Hospital Stay

At Lincoln Surgical Hospital, you are not just a patient–you are the most important person to us while we care for you. That’s why we want your stay to be as comfortable as possible. We know hospitals are known for being cold and sterile environments–but not Lincoln Surgical Hospital. We want you to feel at home during your time with us, and we are committed to providing you with a warm, safe, and inviting experience. Exceeding your expectations is one of our goals at Lincoln Surgical Hospital.

Preparing for the practical elements of your hospitalization should be as easy as possible. In this section, we would like to help you prepare for your admission to the hospital and familiarize yourself with the services and amenities that are available to make you as comfortable as possible.

When you Arrive

When you arrive for your surgical procedure, you will go to the admission area. Our professional, friendly staff will meet you. You will be treated with compassion and care, at all times respecting your privacy, your fears and your need for information and reassurance. Any questions regarding your surgery or your stay with us are welcomed.

The registration staff will verify your personal information, insurance information and will copy applicable insurance cards. An ID band will be placed on your wrist so all of our staff can identify you.

Following admission, your family will be allowed to stay in the waiting area and a pre-operative nurse will escort you to the patient care area. The nurse will begin your pre-operative assessment that will include taking your vital signs. The nurse may also start an IV if it is required for your procedure. This will be used to administer medication and fluids during your surgery and while you are recovering.

Before you enter your surgical suite, your anesthesiologist will introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have.

Family members and caregivers are asked to remain in the waiting area during surgery in case the surgeon, nurse or anesthesiologist needs to contact them. If they do need to leave, they should provide contact information to the admissions desk. When the surgery is complete, the surgeon will meet with your family or caregiver to discuss how the surgery went.

During Surgery

When you are taken into the operating room, you will be welcomed by your O.R. team who will begin to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. If you have questions, feel free to ask them anytime.

The amount of time you spend in surgery will depend on the type of procedure you are having. While you are in surgery and recovery, your family or friends will be kept informed of your progress.

After surgery, you will be taken to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit, where specially trained nurses will monitor your condition as you begin to recover from the anesthesia. Once you meet specific recovery criteria, you will be moved to a patient room for continued monitoring.

Outpatient Surgery

If you are having outpatient surgery (going home the same day), you will remain in the recovery area until you are ready to be discharged. You will be given instructions for postoperative care and any medication prescriptions you will need to take after you are released from the hospital. When you and your healthcare team feel you are ready, you will be discharged to go home.

Inpatient Surgery

If you’re going to be staying with us after your surgery, you will be moved to a patient room. After your healthcare team has given permission, your family can join you.

When specific discharge criteria are met, you will be discharged from the hospital. Please make arrangements to have your discharge transportation here at the time you are given for your dismissal. Discharges begin at 8:00 am.

Post Surgery

We will do everything we can to ensure that you are comfortable after your surgery. When staying in the hospital, you will be provided pain medication as prescribed by your physician. Our goal is to get you feeling better as soon as possible.

Because you are not allowed to eat or drink before your surgery, we know you’ll be hungry. After your surgery, we will start “waking up” your stomach with ice chips and clear fluids. You will be able to eat more food once we know your stomach is able to tolerate food.


Some healthcare plans may ask patient prescriptions to be filled at participating pharmacies. Your physician may write a take-home prescription for you post surgery. At Lincoln Surgical Hospital, we offer a retail pharmacy service to dispense your new medications prescribed by your surgeon before you leave the hospital. To learn more about this benefit for our patients, visit our Outpatient Pharmacy Services page. As always, our friendly pharmacists and healthcare team will discuss these options with you and answer any of your questions. This service is offered as a convenience to our patients and is completely voluntary.

Discharge and Follow-Up

After you leave the hospital, be sure to continue to follow your doctor’s instructions for your recovery. In addition, if you become concerned about discomfort from your surgery, or if you have any questions about your recovery, please contact your doctor’s office or call the hospital anytime.

Thank you for trusting Lincoln Surgical Hospital with your surgical needs.

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