Pediatric Dentistry

Children are an important part to our Pediatric Surgeons and staff at Lincoln Surgical Hospital, and pediatric dentistry is one our specialties. We take special consideration of all our patients, especially our youngest patients. Special care and reassurance are taken to ensure the comfort and confidence of both our young patients and their families.

pediatric dentistry

Dental Restoration and Extraction are surgeries we perform within our facility.

For a list of our Pediatric Dentists, please  click here for our physician directory and click the Specialties link and look for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery or Dentistry, Pediatrics.

Every person (doctor – nurse – PA – aide) was so obviously happy with their job. The morale was amazing.  There was never any negativity and everyone worked together.  What a “refreshing” surrounding.  No other hospital in Lincoln comes close to this – I would never want to stay at any other hospital.  It really does make a huge difference!

– Angelo, Lincoln, NE