Price Transparency Policy

The price transparency policy of Lincoln Surgical Hospital is to allow our patients to obtain our standard charges in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. This policy is aimed to promote price transparency for patients in order to help them understand their potential financial liability for any service provided at our hospital, and to allow consumers the ability to comparison shop for similar services across hospital providers.

Lincoln Surgical Hospital is committed to providing a low cost, high quality surgical solution for our patients. Call us at (402)484‐0922 to obtain an estimate of your financial liability. In addition, The Healthcare Financial Management Association has developed a guide to help consumers get answers to questions about health care prices, compare prices for a particular service among providers, better understand, plan and manage out‐of‐pocket health care costs.

The guide also helps consumers compare hospitals based on quality outcomes.

Understanding Healthcare Prices: A Consumers Guide (English)

Understanding Healthcare Prices: A Consumers Guide (Spanish)