Billing Policies

At Lincoln Surgical Hospital we understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with health issues and billing policies and issues on top of that. We know your medical bill and insurance details can get confusing. It is our goal to make the process as easy as possible for our patients.

Hospital Statements

Hospital bills are based on the type and complexity of the care you received. The amount you owe may include insurance deductibles, non-covered services, co-payments or co-insurance.

We will file a claim with your insurance company. If there is a balance due after your insurance company has processed your claim or if you do not have insurance, we will send you a statement showing the remaining balance due.

Payment Expectations

Account balances are to be paid in full 30 days from the statement date. If you are unable to pay in full by that date, please contact a Patient Financial Services Representative at (402) 484-9025 to make payment arrangements. Lincoln Surgical Hospital offers a discount to our patients who pay promptly. If your balance is paid in full within 20 days receiving your first statement, a 5% discount can be given.

This payment policy excludes procedures which are not medically necessary. Payment in full for these procedures is due at the time of service.

Professional Fees

As is customary, professional fees for your surgeon and other hospital-based physicians will be billed and mailed separately. For example, you may receive separate bills from radiology, pathology, and anesthesia in addition to the bill from your surgeon. Each of these bills must be paid directly to the physician or business indicated on the bill. If you have any questions about the charges, please call the number listed on the bill.

Price Transparency

The price transparency policy of Lincoln Surgical Hospital is to allow our patients to obtain our standard charges in compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). This policy is aimed to promote price transparency for patients in order to help them understand their potential financial liability for any service provided at our hospital and to allow consumers the ability to comparison shop for similar services across hospital providers.

On August 2, 2018, CMS issued a final rule (CMS-1694-F) updating Medicare payment policies specifically requiring hospitals make available a list of their current standard charges via the Internet in a machine-readable format and to update this information at least annually.

Average Claim Charges for Inpatient and Outpatient Procedures are comprised of all hospital facility charges reported on patient claims when the surgical procedure listed in the description is the primary procedure performed. These charges are inclusive of (but not limited to) surgical procedures, supplies, medications, implants, lab, radiology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, operating room, recover room, procedure room and patient room. Professional services provided (surgeon, anesthesia provider, hospitalist, etc.) will be billed to you separately.

Inpatient Procedures – Average Claim Charges   (to view Inpatient Procedures – Average Claim Charges as a pdf)

Outpatient Procedures – Average Claim Charges  (to view Outpatient Procedures – Average Claim Charges as a pdf)

Lincoln Surgical Hospital is committed to providing a low cost, high-quality surgical solution for our patients. Call us at (402) 484‐0922 to obtain an estimate of your financial liability.

In addition, The Healthcare Financial Management Association has developed a guide to help consumers get answers to questions about health care prices, compare prices for a particular service among providers, better understand, plan and manage out‐of‐pocket health care costs. The guide also helps consumers compare hospitals based on quality outcomes.

Understanding Healthcare Prices: A Consumers Guide (English)

Understanding Healthcare Prices: A Consumers Guide (Spanish)